Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security



Mobility and Multilateral Security are key element in today’s global markets. Mobile networks and devices provide a broad variety of services and applications, that are ubiquitous, context aware and personalized. This opens new business opportunities for individuals and organisations but it also leads to new challenges regarding e.g. business models, marketing, privacy, identity management and security.

The M-Chair is concerned with these fields of Mobile Business and Multilateral Security, in research, teaching and practice.

Chair Overview 

The Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security ("M-Chair") was constituted in 2002. Since then, we are active in various areas of science with regard to our core areas "Mobile Business" and "Multilateral Security". In the "About" section you can find further details and background information on our chair.


Our current team around Prof. Kai Rannenberg consists of researchers from different disciplines, ranging from business administration to business informatics and computer science.


The Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security is part of the business informatics department at the Goethe University Frankfurt. Our work is mainly concentrated on the two fields of research, which constitute the chairs title: Mobile Business & Multilateral Security. The figure below displays our strategic research fields in detail. The research is based on general aspects from the areas of informatics/computer science and economics. The work is further accompanied by activities in standardisation and regulation.

In the field of "Mobile Business" our focus is on aspects of mobile services and applications. Such as, e.g. mobile payment or location based services. In our focus are further aspects of mobile marketing in different application domains. E.g. for retailers or in (mobile) social communities.

In the field of "Multilateral Security" we deal with aspects related to identity management and how it could be integrated and conducted in various different usage scenarios. Strongly related to this are aspects of privacy and data protection as well as security. Especially against the background of emerging mobile services where an increasing amount of user-related personal information is stored, processed and shared. For example in all kinds of context aware and particularly location based services as well as in mobile communities.

Our work in these research fields takes place in various research projects and is reflected in lectures, theses and scientific publications.