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Privacy and Identity Management for Europe (PRIME)


PRIME is a new European RTD Integrated Project under the FP6/IST Programme. It is concerned with the issues of privacy and identity management in the information society.


Start: 01-03-2004
Completion: 29-02-2008
Type: EU Research Project
Website: https://www.prime-project.eu/






Users can act securely & safely in the Information Society while keeping sovereignty of their private sphere.

  • Develop solutions to empower individuals to control their private sphere and manage their identities
  • Trigger persuasive deployment of privacy-enhancing identity management solutions.


  • Legal, socio-economic, usability, and application requirements
  • Public integration framework
  • Public architecture & specifications
  • Application-driven prototypes

Our involvement

The Chair of Mobile Business and Multilateral Security will research in four activities in the PRIME project:

  • Activity 3: Generic application requirements, solutions and evaluation of Location Based Services
  • Activity 4: Application Prototypes
  • Activity 5: Assurance methods for Privacy and Identity Management
  • Activity 8: Authorization models for Location Based Services



  • 2004-06-09: The PRIME framework including our location based service scenario analysis is available as public deliverable D14.0.a


  • 2004-04-01: PRIME project starts - Chair of Mobile Commerce and Multilateral Security begins project work
  • 2004-07-28: Die virtuelle Welt soll sicherer werden - Uni-Wissenschaftler suchen nach neuen Wegen, Persönlichkeitsrechte im Cyberspace zu schützen Interview of Kai Rannenberg in Frankfurter Rundschau, no. 173, 2004-07-20, p.32



PRIME has 22 participants from Countries of the European Union, Switzerland and the United States of America.