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The Future is Now: Topics with and about ChatGPT and AI 


Basic Information
Type of Lecture: Seminar
Course: Master
Hours/Week: 3
Credit Points: 6
Language: English
Term: Summer 2024
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Content of the Course

Description: Learning Goals and Competencies

    • Obtain a basic understanding of the working mechanisms of LLMs.
    • Being able to critically reflect working with LLMs.
    • Critically reflect ethical dimensions of LLMs as well as potential issues with regard to e.g., privacy and safety.
    • Working and presenting results in a group environment.

Description of the course:

Nowadays, everybody has heard of ChatGPT and many students will certainly have tried to use it, or similar large language models (LLMs) by now for their studies. In this seminar, we will take a closer look on the capabilities and limitations of artificial intelligence (AI) and such LLMs to foster a greater understanding on the subject.

The objective of this seminar is therefore twofold: To study LLMs from an academic perspective by also working with them.

Students are encouraged to already come up with their own ideas for possible seminar papers and presentations on the subject.

A list of possible topics will also be available on

Topics of interest include:

      • A systematic academic literature review on LLMs
      • A discussion on ethical and social implications of LLMs and AI
      • A discussion on security and privacy concerns with regard to LLMs and AI
      • An analysis on the influence of ChatGPT in different contexts (work environment, school, university)
      • A case study on capabilities and limitations of LLMs across different industries/ business domains


This module is limited to 30 participants.

A two-stage registration procedure with different deadlines applies. You have to take part in both stages!

Stage 1: Application Deadline: 25 March 2024 – 08 April 2024

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Stage 2: Exam Registration and Withdrawal Deadline: 11 April 2024 – 24 April 2024

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An acceptance in the application procedure entitles students to register for the allocated module, but it does not replace an exam registration. Without an exam registration in stage 2, the allocated module claim of the module application in stage 1 expires!

Assignment of Available Capacities: 25 April 2024 – Detailed information will be published on this website in due time.

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